Spike the Dragon
User information
Real name: Dave
Age: 14 (human), 8 (Dragon)
Birthday: July 11
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Residence: Europe
Other names: Spike, Dave, Family, FGS, Coke, TaK, Tub
Achievement: Cutest Avatar ever
Occupation: Brony
Relationship: Maureen4595
Current spin offs: SpongeBob Saw

SpongeBob:Ice Cream

SpongeBob:Haunted House

Spike the Dragon, formerly Davebrayfbu, is a bureaucrat on SpongeBob Fanon Wiki.

The original reporter of Travisplatypus to Wikia, Spike frequently states that his avatar is cute and that he's the "hugest brony ever".

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The Horror Legion

The Sauce Legion

The Heck Legion