Pairing or shipping is term used to describe two or more people together. There is also a term called One True Pairing (OTP) which is used to describe someone's most favorite pairing. However, most people use this term when they have more then one favorite pairing as well.


  • Slash - The most popular of the pairings in the fanbase, the term is used for boy/boy pairings.

Examples of these pairings are Squidbob, Patbob, Krabon and Plankbob

  • Femslash - One of the least popular in the fanbase, the term is used for girl/girl pairings.

An example of this kind of pairing are Sandearl

  • Straight - The name speaks for its self, the term is used for boy/girl pairings.

Examples of these pairings are Spandy and Patearl

  • Crack Pairing - Crack Pairing is a term used to describe unlikely pairings. Crack pairings can either be slash, femslash, or straight. Crack pairings are usually popular for humor purposes.

Examples of these pairings are Natlly

  • Fanon Pairing - Fanon Pairing is pairings involving fanmade characters or a fanmade character and canon Character. Example: Sandnny, Natbecca, Silvinny, Natnny, Natlvia and Sandalvia

List of PairingsEdit


  • Patbob - Patrick and SpongeBob
  • Squidbob - Squidward and Spongebob
  • Krabon - Mr. Krabs and Plankton
  • Plankbob - Plankton and Spongebob


  • Spandy - Spongebob and Sandy
  • Patearl - Patrick and Pearl


  • Sandearl - Sandy and Pearl


  • Natlly - Nat and Sally


  • Natbecca - Nat and Rebecca
  • Sandnny - Sandy and Franny
  • Sandalvia - Sandals and Silvia
  • Natnny - Nat and Franny
  • Silvinny - Silvia and Franny
  • Natlvia - Nat and Silvia
  • Sandavia - Sandals and Terrance
  • Patvanna - Patrick and Savanna


  • White mau5 x Ponyo Fan
  • DerpBot x Teleram
  • KaRRotBuddy4 x JellyfishJam38
  • Esa6426 x TopherGopher
  • LegitUsername1234 x Suds47
  • Loopa23 x LoopBot
  • Theinvsiblehotdog x Tropicaljackson
  • MrScience12 x Swagaholic
  • Maureen4595 x Spike the Dragon
  • ChrisGriffinXx x Miss Dawg289
  • Momjosh12 x Allyman06
  • Doctor Bugs x Freadliest warrior
  • Da Nerd x Suiseiseki, desu
  • SimonAnderson23 x MissAppear689
  • Arre 320 x Phin68